Mission Statement

"Our mission is to strengthen and celebrate the bonds that connect families across generations and cultures. We believe that strong family ties are the foundation of healthy communities and societies. Through education, advocacy, and community-building initiatives, we aim to promote the importance of family connections and support families in their efforts to build strong, resilient relationships."

  • The Beginning

    I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and always loved working for myself. Jordan sneakers were always a part of my attire, from my childhood to adulthood.

  • The Process

    Started selling at parking lots events and then move into selling at big events such Got Sole, Sneaker con and many others.

  • The Concept

    I decided that it was time to serve my community directly and establish a brand to set my foundation in my city.

  • The Dream

    They say "When an opportunity knocks, you answer". I was able to acquire a storefront to set up shop and bring my vision to life.

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